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Baby shampoo my what?

Yes we recommend baby shampoo to clean your eyelids!  But not just any shampoo…Read on!

Blepharitis is basically an over growth of bacteria along the eyelid margins.  It is one of the most common infections we come across during an eye exam.  Some people may have sensitive skin such as rosacea and are more prone to Blepharitis. Believe it or not, we find that it can be related to increased levels of stress.  Your immune system can no longer fight the bacteria that normally lives on the skin.  It is one of the inflammatory processes leading to dry eyes.  If left untreated it can become internal leading to meibomian gland disease.  We feel that meibomian gland disease is the number one reason people develop dry eyes. Acute infections of the meibomian glands can even worsen into a hordeolum, more commonly known as styes.

We found a great product for sensitive eyes.  BabyGanics Extra Gentle Foaming Shampoo & Bodywash for newborns. It’s great because it’s fragrance free, gentle, instantly foams, made in the USA, never tested on animals, and it’s fun!  Dr. Jung came across this product while looking for a sensitive skin shampoo for his daughter suffering from some eczema.  Comes in 2 sizes, the one pictured is the smaller travel size.


We recommend general eyelid hygiene for everybody.  Specifically for the elderly, contact lens wearers, if you wear heavy make up, or if you suffer from dry eyes related to blepharitis. Remember, only a licensed Eyecare professional can help diagnose your dry eyes and recommend treatments.  Please do not use any products without consulting one first.

To find more information on Dry Eyes, visit our Dry Eye page in the Learning Center or click on the tag for Dry Eyes.

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