Dry Eye

If you have been diagnosed with “dry eye” there is a lot you need to learn about your eyes and the appropriate treatment to correct this condition. Interestingly, “dry eye” is probably one of the most prevalent eye maladies, but is also one of the most under diagnosed and ineffectively treated conditions.

Dry eye is really only one of the many symptoms a person may have with this condition. A more correct name for this should be Ocular Surface Disease. An individual with Ocular Surface Disease may have complaints of mild dryness but the complaints usually go far beyond this.

Many of our patients with ocular surface disease complain of excessive tearing, stinging, burning, eye ache or pain. Common symptoms include blurry and fluctuating vision, as well as eye fatigue and headaches with computer use. Red eyes, sties, and swelling of the lids and areas around the eyes can exist. Some degree of contact lens intolerance is usually the rule. Often patients come in saying that they have never had any difficulties with their contacts until the present.

All of our doctors are expert at diagnosing and treating this condition. Making the correct diagnosis and isolating the cause is imperative to establish an effective treatment plan. We at Metropolitan Vision have developed innovative methods to treat this condition which are tailored specifically for each individual. We frequently receive referrals by other eye doctors seeking out our excellent care and success where past efforts to treat these patients have been ineffective.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms and have not found satisfactory relief with previous treatment, we encourage you to schedule an appointment. Our unique methods and personalized dedicated care often brings improvement or even a cure to long standing cases of Ocular Surface Disease, more commonly called “Dry Eye”.

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