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Metropolitan Vision Correction Associates is the premier vision solution center in New York City. Our private office offers state of the art technology, comprehensive eye examinations, specialty contact lens fittings, dry eye treatment, pre & post-operative surgical care including LASIK, Cataracts, Glaucoma and Cornea.

Our Doctors Frederic Nevins, Traci Goldstein, Arthur Jung, and Robert Behan are highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases utilizing the most advanced technologies available. Glasses, contact lenses, and Vision Therapy are offered to patients suffering from headaches, eye strain, blurred vision, and computer difficulties.  We are experts in early detection and treatment of Glaucoma and Retinal Diseases such as Macula Degeneration.

The Dry Eye Experts in NYC Doctors Nevins, Goldstein, Jung, and Behan are dedicated to and specialize in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye. Metropolitan Vision Correction Associates are the Experts to see for the Treatment of Dry Eye in New York City. Our Doctors manage the treatment of Dry Eye with a passion. If the diagnosis of Dry Eye is made, an effective and individualized treatment plan is prescribed for each Dry Eye Patient. Existing patients and Doctors frequently refer to us when past efforts to treat Dry Eye have been ineffective.

“Serving 3 generations of families in the heart of Greenwich Village”

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Specialists and Experts in Glaucoma, Dry Eye, and Contact Lenses in NYC!

Dr. Frederic Nevins, Dr. Traci Goldstein, Dr. Arthur Jung, and Dr. Robert Behan are eye care specialists and experts in the treatment of Dry Eye and Glaucoma, as well as fitting contact lenses in New York City.

We are the best Eye Doctors in NYC for your Eye Care needs. We are conveniently located on 13th Street just off 5th Avenue in Greenwich Village, near Union Square.

Comprehensive Eye Exams in NYC

If you have difficulty getting the correct pair of eyeglasses or are generally unhappy with your vision, our Optometrists will perform the most comprehensive eye exam to solve your problems.  Computer eye strain is one of the most common visual complaints in NYC. With our thorough eye exam, we can help improve your computer related difficulties.  Click here to learn more about the technologies we offer.

Glaucoma Specialists in NYC

We are specialists in early detection and glaucoma treatment in New York City. We pride ourselves in the early diagnosis of glaucoma using the latest technologies. If you were diagnosed with glaucoma or told you may have glaucoma and reside in the New York City area, click here to learn more about the disease and how we can help treat your condition.

Dry Eye Treatment in NYC

The doctors at Metropolitan Vision have been using the most novel approaches to diagnose and treat Dry Eye Syndrome for over 35 years. If you live in New York City and suffer from dry eye symptoms, please click here for more information. You will learn some of the common symptoms and see how we can provide dry eye relief. We have shown success where previous treatments have been ineffective. We are dry eye experts and the best Eye Doctors you will find for your Dry Eye Syndrome.

Custom Contact Lens Fittings in NYC

If you are in need of a comprehensive contact lens exam, we are the contact lens specialists in NYC with over 35 years of experience.  We provide specialty contact lens fittings and are the experts who can design and fit custom contact lenses for keratoconus, irregular corneas, astigmatism, or cornea transplants.  Click here to find out more about contact lenses in the New York City area.


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